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Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Photographie: Orchid (Phalaenopsis)
Author: Maria Breuer
Date: 2010-10-03
Royalty Free photo versions - Maximum available size: 18.2 Mpix.(5227 x 3484 pix.)

Lowest (724x469 pi

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Robust Marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza elata)

White variety of Early purple orchid (Orchis mascula), Burren, County Clare, Ireland, Europe

Orchid (Orchidaceae), violet, purple

orchid Epidendrum Purple

MP3 Tribes of Terra - Iron Orchid

Orchid blossom Phalaenopsis spec.

Pink flowers of an Orchid (Phalaenopsis)

Burnt Orchid (Neotinea ustulata), Bavaria, Germany, Europe

Orchid of the class Cymbidium

MP3 Orchid Ater - New Fragrance

Orchid blossom / Miltonia spec.

blooming Marsh Orchid Dactylorhiza majalis

bloom of orchid

Orchid Cactus, blossom detail / Epiphyllum hybride

Ladys Slipper Orchid Cypripedium calceolus, Fischbachau, Upper Bavaria, Germany, Europe

single blossom of a Small Yellow Ladys Slipper orchid in bright opposite light in front of dark forest background

Royalty Free Stock Footage: Venezuela Orchid: NL00449

Ladys Slipper Orchid Cypripedium calceolus, Martinau, Lechtal, Tyrol, Austria, Europe

The Islands of Taiwan: A Guide to Penghu, Green Island, Orchid Island, Kinmen, Matsu, and Taiwan's Other Outlying Islands - Richard Saunders

Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera), Perchtoldsdorf heath, Lower Austria, Austria, Europe

Robust Marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza elata)

Photografie: Robust Marsh-orchid (Dactylorhiza elata)
Author: Guenter Fischer
Date: 2008-05-29
Royalty Free photo versions - Maximum available size: 18.2 Mpix.(3474 x 5231 pix.)

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