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  1. Courts in Latin America
  2. Sovereignty and Liberty: A Study of the Foundations of Power - Amnon Lev
  3. Law, Rights and Disability
  4. Human Remains: Another Dimension: The Application of Imaging to the Study of Human Remains
  5. Eradicating Ecocide 2nd edition: Laws and Governance to Stop the Destruction of the Planet - Polly Higgins
  6. Housing Law and Practice
  7. How the Law Works - Gary Slapper
  8. The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing: Risk and Opportunity - , Andrew Burgess
  9. Ethical Business Practice and Regulation: A Behavioural and Values-Based Approach to Compliance and Enforcement - , Ruth Steinholtz
  10. Shaping the Single European Market in the Field of Foreign Direct Investment - Philip Strik
  11. The British Constitution: Continuity and Change: A Festschrift for Vernon Bogdanor
  12. 5@55: The 5 Essential Legal Documents You Need by Age 55 - , Joanne Seminara
  13. Critical Perspectives on Human Rights and Disability Law
  14. Humanitarian Occupation - Gregory H. Fox
  16. Redemption, Rehabilitation and Risk Management: A History of Probation - , Lol Burke
  17. Das Europäische Insiderhandelsverbot - Gregor Bachmann
  18. The Gestapo on Trial: Evidence from Nuremberg - Bob Carruthers
  19. Unlocking Criminal Law - Tony Storey
  20. Human Rights and Intellectual Property - , Graeme W. Austin
  21. A Storm over This Court: Law, Politics, and Supreme Court Decision Making in Brown v. Board of Education - Jeffrey D. Hockett
  22. Cultural Legal Studies: Law's Popular Cultures and the Metamorphosis of Law
  23. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law - , Marshall. L DeRosa
  24. Transitional Justice Theories
  25. Shakedown: How Corporations, Government, and Trial Lawyers Abuse the Judicial Process - Robert A. Levy
  26. The International Criminal Court - Marlies Glasius
  27. The Regulation of Animal Health and Welfare: Science, Law and Policy - , Wyn Grant
  28. Sidebar: A Sideways Look At the Lawyer's Life - M.C. Bruce
  29. The Right to Equality in European Human Rights Law: The Quest for Substance in the Jurisprudence of the European Courts - Charilaos Nikolaidis
  30. The Passenger Cases and the Commerce Clause: Immigrants, Blacks, and States' Rights in Antebellum America - Tony Allan Freyer
  31. Peer Power, Book Two - Judith Tindall
  32. Virtual Freedom: Net Neutrality and Free Speech in the Internet Age - Dawn C. Nunziato
  33. Investigated Reporting: Muckrakers, Regulators, and the Struggle Over Television Documentary - Chad Raphael
  34. Judging the Boy Scouts of America: Gay Rights, Freedom of Association, and the Dale Case - Richard J. Ellis
  35. People Without Rights (Routledge Revivals): An Interpretation of the Fundamentals of the Law of Slavery in the U.S. South - Andrew Fede
  36. The Ethics of Justice Without Illusions - Louis E. Wolcher
  37. Multilingual Law: A Framework for Analysis and Understanding - Colin D Robertson
  38. The Costs and Funding of Civil Litigation
  39. The Snail Darter and the Dam: How Pork-Barrel Politics Endangered a Little Fish and Killed a River - Zygmunt Jan Broel Plater
  40. A Conflict of Principles: The Battle Over Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan - Carl Cohen
  41. Bruno Latour: The Normativity of Networks - Kyle McGee
  42. Law Unlimited - Margaret Davies
  43. The Certified Criminal Investigator Body of Knowledge
  44. Law and the Internet
  45. Crime, Desire and Law's Unconscious: Law, Literature and Culture - David Gurnham
  46. Rights of Passage: Sidewalks and the Regulation of Public Flow - Nicholas Blomley
  47. Ngarrindjeri Wurruwarrin: A World That Is, Was, and Will Be - Diane Bell
  48. NALA Manual for Paralegals and Legal Assistants (5th Edition
  49. Freeing Tammy: Women, Drugs, and Incarceration - Jody Raphael
  50. The Evolution of the Fourth Amendment - Thomas N. McInnis
  51. Damages in EU Public Procurement Law
  52. Pathways to Judicial Power in Transitional States: Perspectives from African Courts - Rachel Ellett
  53. The Principles of the Law of Restitution
  54. The Crusade for Equality in the Workplace: The Griggs v. Duke Power Story - Robert Belton
  55. Freedom of Expression: A Critical and Comparative Analysis - Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich
  56. The Multilateralization of International Investment Law - Stephan W. Schill
  57. The People's Property?: Power, Politics, and the Public. - , Donald Mitchell
  58. Arbitration Awards - A Practical Approach
  59. The Fetus as a Patient: A Contested Concept and its Normative Implications
  60. Go Directly to Jail: The Criminalization of Almost Everything - Gene Healy
  61. Essential Supreme Court Decisions: Summaries of Leading Cases in U.S. Constitutional Law - John R. Vile
  62. Somali Piracy: A Criminological Perspective - Jade Lindley
  63. Soft Law and the Global Financial System - Christopher Brummer
  64. Children and the European Union: Rights, Welfare and Accountability - Helen Stalford
  65. The Funeral of a Giraffe: Seven Stories: Seven Stories - , Taeko Tomioka
  66. Imagining Justice - John P. Crank
  67. Intellectual Property and the Common Law
  68. Regulating Speech in Cyberspace - Emily B. Laidlaw
  69. The Psychology of Restorative Justice: Managing the Power Within
  70. Q&A Contract Law - Richard Stone
  71. Landmark Cases in the Law of Tort
  72. Trees, People and Power - Peter Utting
  73. Disruption and Productivity Loss on Construction
  74. Contracting with Companies
  75. 100 Essential Business and Real Estate Forms
  76. Rediscovering the Law of Negligence: EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy - Allan Beever
  77. Fundamental Rights in the EU: A Matter for Two Courts
  78. Commercial Law - Principles and Policy
  79. The Future of the Internet--And How to Stop It - Jonathan Zittrain
  80. Migration, Culture Conflict and Crime - , Moshe Addad
  81. Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects
  82. Legislative Approximation and Application of EU Law in the Eastern Neighbourhood of the European Union: Towards a Common Regulatory Space?
  83. Public Health Law and Ethics: A Reader
  84. Changing God's Law: The dynamics of Middle Eastern family law
  85. The Regulatory Process: With Illustrations from Commercial Aviation - Emmette S. Redford
  86. Anti-Terrorism Law and Foreign Terrorist Fighters - , Deniz Kayis
  87. The Adversary First Amendment: Free Expression and the Foundations of American Democracy - Martin H. Redish
  88. Neoliberal Legality: Understanding the Role of Law in the Neoliberal Project
  89. Commercial and Maritime Statutes
  90. Colorado Water Law for Non-Lawyers - , Tom Cech
  91. The New Ministry of Justice: An Introduction - Bryan Gibson
  92. Nationalism and Private Law in Europe - Guido Comparato
  93. Digital Copyright: Law and Practice - Simon Stokes
  94. Beginning Contract Law - , Chris Monaghan
  95. Law, Lawyering and Legal Education: Building an Ethical Profession in a Globalizing World - , Hugh Breakey
  96. Law Express: Family Law
  97. Genetic Resources as Natural Information: Implications for the Convention on Biological Diversity and Nagoya Protocol - Manuel Ruiz Muller
  98. Failures of the Legal Imagination - Alan Watson
  99. Law in a Complex State: Complexity in the Law and Structure of Welfare - Neville Harris
  100. Domestic Violence Treatment for Abusive Women