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  1. Legal Foundations of Land Use Planning: Textbook-Casebook and Materials on Planning Law - Jerome G. Rose
  2. The Transformative Years of the University of Alabama Law School, 1966-1970 - Daniel J. Meador
  3. Q&A Family Law - Rachael Stretch
  4. Burtons Legal Thesaurus 5th edition: Over 10,000 Synonyms, Terms, and Expressions Specifically Related to the Legal Profession - William Burton
  5. English and European Perspectives on Contract and Commercial Law: Essays in Honour of Hugh Beale
  6. European Union - Alex Warleigh
  7. Arbitration and Rent Review - Ben Beaumont
  8. Dynamics in the French Constitution: Decoding French Republican Ideas - David Marrani
  9. Land Law Reform in Eastern Africa: Traditional or Transformative?: A critical review of 50 years of land law reform in Eastern Africa 1961 - 2011 - Patrick McAuslan
  10. Mental Disability and the Death Penalty: The Shame of the States - Michael L. Perlin
  11. The Complete Guide to Planning Your Estate in Ohio: A Step-by-Step Plan to Protect Your Assets, Limit Your Taxes, and Ensure Your Wishes are Fulfilled - Linda C Ashar
  12. 100 Cases in Clinical Ethics and Law, Second Edition - , Penelope Bradbury
  13. Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law: Theory and Doctrine - , J R Spencer
  14. Optimize Land Law - Emma Warner-Reed
  15. Intellectual Property, Medicine and Health - Johanna Gibson
  16. Regulation: Legal Form and Economic Theory - Anthony I Ogus
  17. Crime, Violence, and Global Warming - , Linda S. Jacoby
  18. Your Michigan Wills, Trusts & Estates Explained Simply: Important Information You Need to Know for Michigan Residents - Linda C Ashar
  19. Law and Practice of Liability Management: Debt Tender Offers, Exchange Offers, Bond Buybacks and Consent Solicitations in International Capital Market - Apostolos Ath Gkoutzinis
  20. Applied Family Law in Islamic Courts: Shari'a Courts in Gaza - Nahda Shehada
  21. Dead Hands: A Social History of Wills, Trusts, and Inheritance Law - Lawrence M. Friedman
  22. Law In and As Culture: Intellectual Property, Minority Rights, and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - Caroline Joan "Kay" S. Picart
  23. 597 letters and
  24. The ABA Spanish Legal Phrasebook - , Corinne Cooper
  25. Wild Life: The Institution of Nature - Irus Braverman
  26. Justice Reform and Development: Rethinking Donor Assistance to Developing and Transitional Countries - Linn A. Hammergren
  27. Capital Offenses: Business Crime and Punishment in America's Corporate Age - Samuel W. Buell
  28. Affordable Housing and Public Private Partnerships
  29. Optimize Contract Law - , Tracey Hough
  30. Contracting with Companies
  31. The First Amendment and Civil Liability - Robert M. O'Neil
  32. Rights and Private Law: Between Risk and Regulation - , Andrew Robertson
  33. Handbook of International Bridge Engineering
  34. When Robots Kill: Artificial Intelligence under Criminal Law - Gabriel Hallevy
  35. Human Health and Ecological Integrity: Ethics, Law and Human Rights
  36. The Law of Waiver, Variation and Estoppel
  37. Making Good: Prisons, Punishment and Beyond - Martin Wright
  38. Twenty Famous Lawyers - John Hostettler
  39. How the Law Works - Gary Slapper
  40. Research Methods in Human Rights
  41. From Goods to a Good Life: Intellectual Property and Global Justice - Madhavi Sunder
  42. Commercial and Maritime Statutes
  43. Culture Conglomerates: Consolidation in the Motion Picture and Television Industries - William M. Kunz
  44. Subversive Property: Law and the Production of Spaces of Belonging - Sarah Keenan
  45. Basiswissen Jura für die mündlichen Prüfungen - , Christoph Werkmeister
  46. Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services: An Input-Output Approach - , Lester B. Lave
  47. Realising Farmers' Rights to Crop Genetic Resources: Success Stories and Best Practices
  48. Criminology: The Key Concepts - , Majid Yar
  49. Judging Civil Justice - Hazel Genn
  50. From Good Will to Civil Rights: Transforming Federal Disability Policy
  51. Beginning Land Law - Sarah King
  52. California Workers' Comp: How to Take Charge When You're Injured on the Job - Christopher Ball
  53. Warlords, Strongman Governors, and the State in Afghanistan - Dipali Mukhopadhyay
  54. Resident-Owned Community Guide for Florida Cooperatives - , Ashley E. Gault
  55. Q&A Civil Liberties & Human Rights 2013-2014 - , Richard Glancey
  56. Women in War: Examples from Norway and Beyond - Kjersti Ericsson
  57. An Introduction to Comparative Law Theory and Method - Geoffrey Samuel
  58. A Sociology of Constitutions - Chris Thornhill
  59. The Basics of Investigating Forensic Science: A Laboratory Manual - , Gina Londino
  60. The U.S. Supreme Court and New Federalism: From the Rehnquist to the Roberts Court - , John C. Blakeman
  61. The Law Handbook 2015: Your practical guide to the law in Victoria
  62. The Case for Gay Rights: From Bowers to Lawrence and Beyond - David A. J. Richards
  63. Shakespeare Valued: Education Policy and Pedagogy 1989-2009 - Sarah Olive
  64. Judge and Jury: American Tort Law on Trial - , Alexander Tabarrok
  65. Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of Our Common Wealth - David Bollier
  66. Legal and Political Challenges of Governing the Environment and Climate Change: Ruling Nature - , Jo-Ann Goodie
  67. Jiu Jitsu Jurisprudence: A Guide to Balancing Your Law Practice and Your Life Practice through the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Ryan Danz
  68. Federalism, the Supreme Court, and the Seventeenth Amendment: The Irony of Constitutional Democracy - Ralph A. Rossum
  69. Citizen Lane: Defending Our Rights in the Courts, the Capitol, and the Streets - Mark Lane
  70. Sex, Crime and Literature in Victorian England - Ian Ward
  71. After the Doors Were Locked: A History of Youth Corrections in California and the Origins of Twenty-First Century Reform - Daniel E. Macallair
  72. The United Nations Human Rights Council: A critique and early assessment - Rosa Freedman
  73. The Constitution of Belgium: A Contextual Analysis - , Koen Lemmens
  74. Intellectual Property and Human Development , Current Trends and Future Scenarios: Law, Law - CTI Reviews
  75. The Hyperlinked Society: Questioning Connections in the Digital Age - Lokman Tsui
  76. Discrediting the Red Scare: The Cold War Trials of James Kutcher, "The Legless Veteran" - Robert Justin Goldstein
  77. The Street-Law Handbook: Surviving Sex, Drugs, and Petty Crime - Neeraja Viswanathan
  78. The Secretariats Guide to ICC Arbitration
  79. Settled out of Court: The Social Process of Insurance Claims Adjustments - H. Laurence Ross
  80. The Impact of Scientific Evidence on the Criminal Trial: The Case of DNA Evidence - Oriola Sallavaci
  81. Q&A Contract Law (Questions and Answers)
  82. Legal Trail: Constitutional Law (2nd Ed) - Peter Errico
  83. The Modern Cy-près Doctrine: Applications and Implications - Rachael Mulheron
  84. The Contemporary Relevance of Carl Schmitt: Law, Politics, Theology
  85. Subjectivity, Citizenship and Belonging in Law: Identities and Intersections
  86. Answering for Crime: Responsibility and Liability in the Criminal Law - R A Duff
  87. Your Washington Wills, Trusts, & Estates Explained Simply: Important Information You Need to Know for Washington Residents - Linda C Ashar
  88. The Law and Practice of Piracy at Sea: European and International Perspectives
  89. Routledge International Handbook of Children's Rights Studies
  90. Prenuptial Agreements and the Presumption of Free Choice: Issues of Power in Theory and Practice - Sharon Thompson
  91. The Commercial Society: Foundations and Challenges in a Global Age - Samuel Gregg
  92. Police Oral Board Tactics Manual - Deconstructing the Oral Board Process - 2nd EDITION - Ron Dixon
  93. Principles of European Tort Law
  94. Speaking Freely: Whitney v. California and American Speech Law - Philippa Strum
  95. Sex, Culpability and the Defence of Provocation - Danielle Tyson
  96. Law and Reorder: Legal Industry Solutions for Restructure, Retention, Promotion & Work/Life Balance - Deborah Henry
  97. Your Massachusetts Wills, Trusts & Estates Explained Simply: Important Information You Need to Know for Massachusetts Residents - Linda C Ashar
  98. The Tapestry of Reason: An Inquiry into the Nature of Coherence and its Role in Legal Argument - Amalia Amaya
  99. Victimology and Victim Rights: International comparative perspectives - Tyrone Kirchengast
  100. Climate Change and Human Rights: An International and Comparative Law Perspective